Curbside Leaf Collection & Tree Programs

Curbside Leaf Collection Starts November 2

Curbside leaf vacuuming begins November 2 and will continue through the beginning of January. Look for the posted signs in your neighborhood to know when curbside leaf collection will occur. Collection schedules are tentative as they depend on weather conditions. Refer to the city website for the most up-to-date collection schedule.

To stay on schedule, leaf trucks will not be able to return to collect leaves once they have already been through your street. Each area of the City is scheduled to be serviced at least 4 times during this period, so there will be several opportunities to have leaves collected. Additionally, the vacuum hoses are not able to reach around cars or other obstructions, so it is imperative that piles of leaves are accessible from the street.

Curbside Leaf Collection Do’s and Don’ts:

  • No bagging is necessary during leaf collection with vacuums. Grass can be included in your leaf piles, however, no vines or woody trimmings.
  • Rake leaves to the curb. Do not put them in the street. Pile leaves away from cars and storm drains. The leaf vacuum cannot reach around cars.
  • Remove vines or woody yard waste, tree limbs, rocks, trash, and other debris from leaves to be collected. These items can damage the equipment and cause delays.
  • Noise and dust may be noticeable. Dry conditions generate more dust. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Leaf vacuuming only occurs in the fall/early winter.

Click here for the leaf plan and leaf plan calendar.

Curbside Leaf Collection Calendar

College Park Tree Programs

Trees provide many benefits including reduced cooling and heating costs, interception of rainwater, increased property values and improved air quality. The City offers a few ways to help.

The City has a program that provides for street tree planting in the right-of-way area, which includes the grass strip between the curb and sidewalk. The location will be inspected to see if it is suitable. College Park residents interested in a tree can email or call 240-487-3590.

City property owners can apply for reimbursement of up to $150.00 annually for approved tree(s) planted on their residential lot. The completed application should be approved prior to planting. For more information and the application, visit:, email or call 240-487-3590.

For more information about City tree programs and tips, please visit