Now That the Holidays Are Over...

Holiday Light Recycling

Holiday string lights, working or non-working, are accepted for recycling at MOM's Organic Market (9801 Rhode Island Avenue). The string lights are collected for recycling until January 31.

Please remove lights from bags/packaging and place in designated holiday lights recycling bin located in the lobby when you enter MOM’s Organic Market.

What happens to the waste? Collected lights are broken down through smelting or shredding to recover raw commodities. These raw commodities are then used to create roofing and construction materials, piping, car batteries, other electronics, lead wheel weights, flatware, jewelry, and more!

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas trees will be collected by appointment on scheduled brush collection days, Thursdays or Fridays. Email or call 240-487-3590 to request a pick-up. Please remove all decorations & lights; if you have bagged your tree for ease of moving, please take it out of the plastic bag, and place the tree at the curb for collection.

The City Really Got Decked Out This Holiday Season!

It was another wonderful holiday season in the City this past December. We saw tons of lights, inflatables, reindeer, lighted presents, snowflakes, candy canes, snow globes, tinsel and wreaths decorating many homes in the City with cheer. Thank you to all who voted and participated in the City’s Deck the City Holiday Decorating Contest! You made our community all the more brighter and festive for the holidays during a tough year.


1st Place: 5005 Muskogee Street (pictured) 2nd Place: 4610 Amherst Road 3rd Place: 5006 Lackawanna Street MAYOR'S CHOICE AWARD:

1st Place: 5005 Muskogee Street (pictured) 2nd Place: 9108 48th Place 3rd Place: 4803 Ruatan Street