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Let the Clover Take Over!

Time to give up and let the clover take over! Clover doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, weeded or fertilized, and it’s softer than grass.

Here are more reasons why clovers should stay:

  • Nitrogen fixer. As a legume, clover works symbiotically with bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to both itself and neighboring plants. That’s why even lawn grasses grow better when clover is present.
  • Less fertilizer. A lawn containing clover needs far less fertilizer, and a 100% clover lawn needs none.
  • Drought Resistant. With its deep roots, clover will remain green through drought, as your neighbor’s lawns turn brown.
  • No mowing. A pure clover lawn doesn’t need mowing, but if you do decide to mow, you’ll only need to do so 3 or 4 times a year.
  • No aerating. Clover can grow in and loosen compacted soil, eliminating the need to aerate.
  • No herbicide. If you’re concerned about a uniform looking patch of green, you don’t have to worry about other “weeds.” Clover tends to smother them as is somewhat invasive.
  • Ground cover. Clover makes an excellent ground-cover for food crops.
  • Beneficial pollinators and wildlife. Clover produces attractive white flowers that attract beneficial pollinators likes bees and butterflies and provide forage for rabbits (and humans).
  • Repels pests. A lawn rich in clover tends to discourage pesky insects, most of which prefer grasses. Grubs will disappear entirely in an all-clover lawn.
  • Sun or shade. Clover grows well in both sun and partial shade.
  • Dogs can pee on it. Clover doesn’t turn yellow from canine urine.

The Dangers of Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are popular among many dog owners and are sold in many pet stores but there are many unknown dangers associated with these types of leashes. Many of the leashes extend up to 26 feet and while this does give a dog a lot of freedom it can also put a dog in dangerous situations: face to face with an aggressive dog or even in front of a moving vehicle!

The retractable cord on this type of leash is very thin and if the correct size is not used, a dog can easily break the line and find himself lost or injured. If the owner should get tangled up in the leash while the dog walking erratically, it can cause cuts and burns to the soft tissue of hands, legs, and even faces. Retractable leashes are often the root of many pet store, vet office, and dog walking debacles. The freedom that they can grant really are not worth the hidden dangers.