Tips of the Month

Make Your Next Lawnmower Electric or Push

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, consider an electric or push mower. Gas mowers are highly polluting. Using a gas mower for one hour produces as much carbon dioxide as driving a car 100 miles. Gas mowers also emit toxic fumes that are bad for you. Electric mowers don’t produce toxic emissions, and are much quieter than gas ones. They are also cheaper to maintain. Push mowers are even quieter and give you a great workout. Whether you go electric or push -- happy mowing!

From the City's Committee for a Better Environment Committee.

Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Many pet owners often don’t think about dental care for their cats and dogs, but routine dental care is important for our pets, just like it is for us. Routine dental care and good oral health often increases both the length and quality of life for our dogs and cats. Pets that do not get routine dental care can have severe (and painful) infections in their mouth that may result in loss of teeth or in spreading infection throughout their bodies. Some studies show that regular brushing may add up to 5 years to your pet’s life!

Two ways in which you can help to improve your pet’s dental health are annual cleanings and regular brushing. Annual cleanings are done by a veterinarian (some recommend every six months for pets with very bad breath) is very important to remove plaque and calculi that cannot be “brushed away”. This not only allows the teeth to be cleaned, but allows your veterinarian to thoroughly examine the teeth, mouth, throat, and gums (periodontal disease) for other disease conditions. Anesthetic is used during the cleaning procedure to reduce pain and fear during the procedure. Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth ideally would be done on a daily basis. Most pet supply stores have pet dental tooth brushes and tooth paste for dogs and cats and there are many videos on line that can help you to do this effectively and safely.

From the City's Animal Welfare Committee.