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From the City's Committee for a Better Environment

The Importance of Grooming Your Pet

Brushing and bathing your pet is about much more than looking good! Bathing is important to remove excessive oils and dirt from your pet’s coat and keeps the skin healthy. All animals require regular brushing to remove loose hair and debris and to stimulate blood flow to the skin. Brushing keeps the fur from getting tangled and forming mats that can cause irritation to the skin, mask more serious infections, hide fleas and ticks, and, if they are around the hind end, can interfere with defecation. Brushing can actually reduce the number of hairballs in cats.

Long haired cats and dogs often benefit from regular clipping, While some animals can be clipped at home (it’s safer to use actual electric clippers designed for animals instead of scissors) but some require an experienced groomer. Clipping also keeps them more comfortable in periods of high temperatures.

Don’t forget the nails! There are nail clippers available specifically designed for dogs and cats. Dog nails that are too long can get caught in something and torn off requiring a trip to the vet. Overgrown nails also put pressure on the nail bed making it uncomfortable for a dog to walk. Cat claws should be trimmed every couple weeks. There are online videos that show how to trim cat and dog toenails, or you can use a groomer/vet tech at your animal hospital.

Grooming is part of the care required to keep our furry family healthy and healthy. Keep it on your “to do” list along with wellness vet exams, vaccinations, good nutrition, exercise, and dental care. Let’s give our pets everything they need to live happy, healthy, and long lives.

From the City's Animal Welfare Committee